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You can taste the goodness of the seasons in our limited edition seasonal syrups. 

Nature provides the most beautiful, flavourful ingredients. The tangy tartness of spring rhubarb is followed by the fragrant, floral subtlety of elderflower in the summer - while the joyful berries that burst from the autumn hedgerows  provide their own unique flavour, providing us with comfort and much-needed vitamins throughout autumn and winter. 

little batch syrups come in three flavours for autumn/winter:  spiced elderberry, chai-spiced plum and wild blackberry.


Our spring/summer range contains our award-winning rhubarb & rose and the beautiful honeysuckle & hibiscus - both perfect thirst quenchers.

little batch seasonal syrups are delightful in cocktails or mocktails, divine served simply with soda and ice, and delicious added to a hot infusion for a warming, comforting drink. 

Each syrup is lovingly handmade with locally grown or foraged ingredients,  slowly and delicately infused with

flavour-loaded combinations of citrus, floral, herbs or spices.

Available to purchase from our online Shop whilst stocks last. Prefer to buy in person?  Find Us at markets and events throughout Gloucestershire and beyond, where you can stock up on syrups, or taste our mocktails and winter warmers, all served from Gertie, our vintage caravan.

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