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Fruity, tart, fragrant.


Long summer eves, bright stars above trees, and conversations flow. A cool evening breeze, treasured nights like these, in the warmth of the campfire glow.


Why Campfire Glow? You’ll see as you infuse your tea….!


This herbal tea blend tends to be popular with people who are just getting started with herbal teas. 


Hibiscus and orange combine beautifully to make Campfire Glow a fruity tea without being sweet. The pairing of delicate rose petals along with cardamom pods provides a gentle fragrant flavour, while cocoa shells add a hint of chocolate.


Add a taste of little batch limited edition Wild Blackberry Syrup or Spiced Elderberry Syrup to transform this delicious herbal tea into a warming mock toddy. Simply make the brew, then add  a dash of syrup to your taste. 


little batch herbal teas are loose leaf, hand blended using all organic ingredients and available in two sizes - regular (around 25 servings) and large (around 40 servings). Weights vary depending on the ingredients in the blend. 


Regular (55g)

Large (90g)


Our large tub saves you around 22% per serve compared to our regular tub.


Please note this listing is for batch codes with a best before of end of APRIL 2024.

This listing is for batch codes with a best before of end of 05/24. Best before dates are about quality, not safety. The quality has been checked, these batches are still tasting great! 

Campfire Glow (clearance)

PriceFrom £5.46
  • Orange peel,* hibiscus,* cocoa shells,* green cardamom pods* and rose petals.*                       


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