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We handmake a range of delicious dark chocolate treats and  fresh, wholesome energy balls. 

Gift boxed options for Decadent Balls and Bliss Balls are available in our shop near special occasions and will be available on a more regular basis soon! In the meantime, check out where to Find us to grab yourself a treat, or get in touch to order direct.


Award winning peanut munch

We call them Decadent Balls and our customers agree! Our most popular product, these fresh handmade mouthfuls of joy are a wholesome take on popular treats, made to be less sickly sweet.

With a base of seeds, oats and nuts, topped with a peanut date caramel, our award winning peanut munch decadent ball is reminiscent of a Snickers bar, while our millionaire's ball is a re-envisioned millionaire's shortbread that's butter-free and not sickly sweet. Chocolate orange and brownie flavours complete the range. 

Click HERE to see the range and ingredients.


The smaller cousin of the Decadent ball, our Bliss balls are part energy ball, part chocolate truffle - fab for elevenses, a mid afternoon pick-me-up or a delicious hit of sweetness in place of a dessert. 

Hand-rolled and enrobed in delicious dark chocolate, our bliss balls currently come in seven flavours; award winning paradise, award winning perk-me-up, gingerbread, chai spiced berry, rose & cardamom, raspberry & chilli and mint crunch

Bliss Balls are generously bite-sized at around 22g, whilst Decadent Balls weigh in around 40g. Both contain natural, largely organic ingredients, no refined sugar and are elevated with a coating of delicious dark chocolate from Republica del Cacao.*

Click HERE to see the range and ingredients.

Bliss Balls


Our bittersweet, Heart Truffles are available on special occasions.


Deliciously dark, bitesize treats made with cacao powder and coconut milk instead of cream, with four interesting flavour combinations - chilli, raspberry, rose & chai spice and mint


Each truffle gives 8g of pure joy!

Click HERE for ingredients.


Our snack-sized Bare Balls are packed with healthy fats, fibre, protein and carbs. They're the perfect raw pick-me-up before or after your run, cycle, walk or workout.

Lovingly handmade from all-natural ingredients, these tasty treats are bursting with dried organic fruits, nuts, seeds and gluten-free oats – not a trace of artificial sweetness! 

Bare balls are currently available in six flavours - granola, rocky road, berry-berry, mango & ginger, cacao-orange, apricot & coconut - but we love to experiment, so keep your eyes open for tasty seasonal variations! 

Bare balls weigh around 25g. Click here for ingredients.


* Our chocolate treats are covered in a gorgeous layer of delicious dark chocolate by Republica del Cacao - an authentic Latin American producer who work hand in hand to support local communities - and who are now a certified B Corp.

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