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Chai Spiced Plum & Apple Sparkle

Prep Time:

5 minutes

About the recipe

little batch drinks recipes are designed to be simple – and you can’t get simpler than this delicious autumnal drink!

All the work has gone into making a syrup that’s bursting with flavour, so the rest is easy.

This recipe benefits from a good quality, local, freshly pressed apple juice – especially in the autumn.

Play around with the ratio of apple juice to sparkling water to suit your tastes – and add a squeeze of fresh lemon for tartness, if you prefer.



  • Ice

  • 25ml little batch Chai Spiced Plum Syrup

  • 75ml quality, local apple juice

  • 75ml to 100ml soda or sparkling water

  • Garnish ideas: two slices of fresh or frozen plum.



  • Add ice to a glass.

  • Pour in the Chai Spiced Plum Syrup.

  • Add apple juice and top with soda or sparkling water.

  • Give it a swirl, garnish and enjoy!

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