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Spiced Elderberry & Hibiscus Warmer

Prep Time:

5 minutes

About the recipe

This wonderfully versatile recipe works brilliantly as both a mocktail and a mock toddy, making it perfect for the changeable autumn weather! It’s deliciously cooling in the late autumn sun or warm and comforting by the fire.

little batch Wild Blackberry Syrup works just as well as Spiced Elderberry. Why not try both and see which you prefer!



  • 25ml little batch Spiced Elderberry Syrup

  • A serving of dried hibiscus (1 generous teaspoon/around 3g)

  • A squeeze of fresh orange or 15ml orange juice

  • Hot water

  • Dried or fresh orange wheel and hibiscus to garnish



  • First boil the kettle.

  • Meanwhile add the orange juice and Spiced Elderberry Syrup to a mug.

  • Prepare the hibiscus in a teabag or an infuser over the mug.

  • Fill with hot water.

  • Leave for five minutes to infuse.

  • Stir, garnish and enjoy!

To make this drink as a refreshing autumn mocktail, check out this recipe.

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