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Wild Blackberry & Lime Bramble

Prep Time:

5 minutes

About the recipe

little batch Wild Blackberry Syrup is made with blackberries gathered from the hedgerows on our daily walks – all picked within three miles of our home in rural Gloucestershire.

This mocktail is inspired by the traditional Bramble cocktail, which uses gin and crème de mûre: but a traditional Bramble is usually a short drink, like a sour. 

To transform this into a cocktail, just add a measure of gin or vodka.

You can play with around with volumes of syrup, ginger ale and lime to suit your own tastes. If you like a stronger taste of lime, you could also try replacing the ginger ale and soda water with Fever Tree’s Mexican Lime Soda.



  • Ice

  • 25ml little batch Wild Blackberry Syrup

  • One juicy lime

  • 75ml quality ginger ale (such as Fever Tree or London Essence)

  • 75ml to 100ml soda or sparkling water

  • A single measure of gin or vodka if you’re making a cocktail.

  • Garnish ideas: dried lime wheel, bramble leaves, fresh mint or basil leaves, fresh blackberries set into ice cubes.



  • Add ice to a glass.

  • Pour in the Wild Blackberry Syrup.

  • Squeeze in the lime juice.

  • If you’re making a cocktail, add your spirit.

  • Add the ginger ale and top with sparkling water.

  • Give it a swirl, garnish and enjoy! 

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