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Rhubarb, Rose & Ginger Fizz

Prep Time:

10 minutes

About the recipe

This cocktail/mocktail is easy to make and so refreshing! 

Play around with volumes and measures to suit your tastes. Add a little more syrup for a stronger rhubarb taste, or less ginger ale and more soda if you prefer a less sweet taste.

There are so many options to spruce it up depending on the time of year! Get creative with mints, thymes, lemon balm, rose, cornflower, violas, pansies…



  • Ice

  • 25ml little batch Rhubarb & Rose Syrup

  • Half a lemon

  • 100ml high quality ginger ale such as Fever Tree or London Essence

  • 50ml sparkling water

  • A couple of drops of rosewater, such as Steenbergs organic, if you like a stronger rose flavour

  • Garnish ideas: ribbons of pink rhubarb, dried rose petals or edible flowers such as violas or pansies

  • A single measure of gin or vodka if you’re making a cocktail.



  • Add ice to a glass.

  • Pour in the Rhubarb & Rose Syrup. 

  • Squeeze in the lemon juice.

  • If you’re making a cocktail, add your spirit.

  • Add ginger ale, top with sparkling water and give it a stir.

  • Add a couple of drops of rosewater.

  • Garnish and enjoy!

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